HIPNOTYLICAL (for the song: Rapture) – non-exclusive / artwork available except for musical projects

LOST (for the song: The Ghost Walks) non-exclusive / artwork available except for musical projects

MR PESSIMIST (for the song: Thief Of Souls) non-exclusive / artwork available except for musical projects

ENSLAVE TOGETHER (for the song: Close Your Eyes) non-exclusive / artwork available except for musical projects

MY LIFE IN A HOURGLASS (for the song: Burning Down) non-exclusive / artwork available except for musical projects

ONWARD INTO BATTLE (for the song: The Tinder Box) non-exclusive / artwork available except for musical projects


  • Artwork for the Arena´s 2011 album “The Seventh Degree of Separation”. (more images available in my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/grendelartjoaomartins )

  • The Seventh Degree Of Separation special edition package is a 56 minute long, 13 track cd in a 3 leafed digibook with a 28 page pullout booklet packed with original artwork + a bonus 50 minute DVD “The making of The Seventh Degree Of Separation”, where each member of the band gives you some insight into the process they go through to make the music.

  • 180gm Gatefold Double Vinyl in a high gloss finish, with full colour artwork on the inner sleeves PLUS an A2 Poster of the front cover (delivered shrink-wrapped).

  • DVD Features: Region 0 Note: Bonus video: Interview with Mick Pointer and Clive Nolan live in Warsaw, 2011 (live bootleg) Photo gallery, discography, desktop images Widescreen Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo Dolby Digital 5.1

  • grendelart@gmail.com


  • “The beguiling on the “prog rockers” album cover is called “A Fleck of Dirt on the Wing of a Fly” by Portuguese artist and musician João Martins. Mysterious and mesmerizing. "(Nominated by Kerrang! one of the best cover artwork of 2011),
  • "Who painted the cover, is it again a Hugh Syme’s production ? “No, not a Hugh Syme production, although we were looking to re-capture that kind of mood. The artist is João Martins, and he has a wonderful talent and imagination which we couldn’t resist.” – Mick Pointer, (Morow -Progressive Rock Radio),
  • “Every page is a poster” – Clive Nolan
  • “Best cover since many years” – Ronny Wo
  • “The album art is poignant to the storyline and a striking visual. And like the image, the music is very detail oriented and elaborate.” – Brendan Bowen´s,
  • “If you like horror movies, you should definitely have a look at the artwork to which a lot of attention was given and on which "death” plays a prominent roll” – Erik Laan´s
  • “And mention must also be made of the packaging – full of brilliant photo´s that go to make up one very sound investment for any British Prog Rock follower” – J.M. Green
  • “This album looks at the last hour of life and the first hour after, which added to the stunning album sleeve artwork makes for a thoughtful and enjoyable listen. " – Jason Ritchie (Classic Rock Magazine)
  • " May I also mention that the imagery found on the inner sleeves is astounding, morbid, fascinating, disturbing, yet incredibly captivating, further adding to this ‘last hour of life/first hour of death’ concept…" – Tom Ozric (Prog Archives)
  • "The Seventh Degree of Separation' is a musical journey, a literary tale and a visual feast. An extensive booklet contains a series of monochromatic and colour pictures by Grendel Art Joao Martins, which constitute a fascinating commentary to the lyrics and the overall subject of the album. The lavish mixture of symbols, contrasting tones and chiaroscuro imaginatively complements the album’s message and enriches it with yet one more artistic level.” – Magdalena Grabias (Art Rock.pl)